Things to keep in mind as regards a start-up interview and MNC interview

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Have you heard about the big pond small fish and big fish small pond? Similar is the case with an MNC and a start-up respectively. Once you are out in the market looking for a job, you need to be very clear about what you are targeting at. There are different kind of people who aspire different things. Some are very ambitious who wish to seek maximum responsibilities and thus want to be acknowledged and some wish to have an easy career where they are confident of timely appraisals and promotions with job stability. Depending on this criterion one must determine whether you are looking to start a career in a start-up or a MNC. If you are thinking that getting through a start-up is same as a MNC then you are highly mistaken as there may be different expectations even if the role is same. Following are some of the difference between a start-up interview and a MNC interview

  • Ambitious-If you are starting your career or are on a look out for your dream job, and then in case of a start-up, being ambitious is one of the most important qualities which a HR manager will look for. Since a start-up has a goal in mind and is striving hard to achieve it therefore they are more flexible and are ready to adopt new and versatile ideas. People who are ambitious and ready to go an extra mile can prove to be an asset for a start-up. In case of a MNC, they have set rules and regulations and their strategy is already in place, hence a HR manager is looking to hire somebody who can follow what has already been designed and practise which has been followed by everybody.
  • Stability and integrity-A start-up has a set goal in mind and is looking for somebody who can be a part of their team to achieve that goal. Since they do not have too many dimensions therefore they look for somebody who can absorb things easily and can remain with them till the end. Therefore stability is one of the factors which is esteem in case of an employee for a start-up, however MNC is already established and has several departments, so if a person who is not able to perform in one department can try in another department, or can be trained and moulded to perform in accordance of their set rules.
  • Team player-In order to be a successful resources, it is very important to be an effective team player for both a start-up as well as an MNC, however ,in case of a start-up it holds more importance as ,everybody works in coordination with each other and brainstorms to get the best solution. In case of a MNC team player has a different understanding, since everybody has their own goals which lead to the company’s goal, therefore one needs to do their activity well, so that other activities do not get affected.
  • Patient-In case of start-up rewards does not come instantaneously; therefore one needs to be patient as regards, promotions, appraisals and salary hikes. People who are ready to put in hard work and are willing to wait for the rewards are best suited for a start-up, however somebody who is ready with his share at a fixed date without delay ,in simple words want to play safe must try an MNC.

In short, the prime most function of a HR manager while taking an interview for a start –up should be, he should be able to find a candidate who is willing to devote himself for the progress of the company along with his career, however in case of an MNC is more towards self-driven than the company.

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