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What's This?

One of the most cherished possessions of most people today, apart from their immediate family and near and dear ones, is their house. Houses are such big investments, that people do not keep changing them frequently. When one lives in a place for quite some time, the place transforms from a house to a home. They start feeling it to be the place where they belong.


Such being the case, most people are very attached to their houses, and build their houses with care making sure all loose ends are tied up and not just the structure, but the design and decoration, including furniture and lighting in the house is perfectly up to their requirements and wants. So when there is a damage or problem in some part of their house, it is obviously bound to affect them. This is not just about sentiment. Since it is the place they live, the safety aspect, which is of topmost priority everywhere, also comes in to play, becoming a concern.


So what do you do when you have a mechanical or structural fault in your house ? You would want it to be sorted out immediately, and done perfectly to ensure so safety hazards for your family in the near future. Well trained professionals who are equipped with not just theoretical knowledge, but also with experience are present to solve your problem and make you feel secure within the four walls of your home.

Such services are referred to as masonry restorations. They make your house as strong as it was, and add a little bit more to make sure whatever damage occurred is not just repaired, but your house is also better equipped to face such issues in the future.


Sometimes it would be your chimney that is causing problems. This is quite common among other faults because the cement cap and the top feet of the chimney are the most exposed to the outside weather and most prone to deterioration. Sometimes it may not be the entire chimney that is in trouble, just the flueliners. In such cases relining can be done. Or water intrusion and moisture in vulnerable areas may lead to eroding of walls and rooftops. These masonry restorations also help us in installing a fireplace in a position of our choice, where we might like it.


Rebuilding is another service offered by such firms, where they make sure maintenance is not an issue, and the rebuilding is done as per our requirement. If you need to make alterations to an existing structure which do not require much of change, then instead of rebuilding, these professionals can alter the same monument into the required final design.


All masonry needs to be protected with the help of a sealer to keep water away, since water intrusion is one of the major causes or erosion. Masonry materials are proven to outlast buildings of other materials, and will do even better if provided with such a water repellant sealer.

Masonry services also help us with chemical cleaning to remove stains, or for making name boards and direction boards for monuments.