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Ready set go for your big day!!

Indian wedding are normally not just a one day affair, neither are they just a knot between the bride and the groom, it’s in fact a whole new tie between two families which stay for generations together. Since it’s a huge alliance therefore there are loads of preparations and arrangements which needs to be done well in advance, specifically when it comes to booking the venue, looking for caterers and above all, getting the bride ready for the big day.Ready set go for your big day!!

Indian marriages normally happen during a particular time period therefore, in order to get the best of venue, caterers, beautician, photographers one needs to act fast keeping in mind the budget. Many times people often get enthralled by the abundant choices and forget about their budget. If you also have a marriage to arrange in the coming future then the below mentioned tips will help you plan for the D-day.

Segregate your expensesReady set go for your big day!!

First and foremost, set up a realistic budget and segregate how much you wish to spend on various occasions such as D-day shopping, post wedding shopping and honeymoon expenses however, minor fluctuations are acceptable as per requirement.

Plan in advanceReady set go for your big day!!

When we talk about limiting our expenses, then it’s wise to plan in advance. Not only do you get the best of the services but also can negotiate on the price. You would be surprised to know that vendors often operate in a dominant market therefore negotiation might be difficult as the d- day approaches.

Conduct a market research in terms of fashion trendsReady set go for your big day!!

While shopping for apparels and accessories keep in mind the fashion at the time of wedding rather than the current fashion. Along with that invest in clothes keeping in mind your lifestyle, profession and requirement.

Concentrate on wholesale vendorsReady set go for your big day!!

While shopping for wedding, it’s better to explore wholesale markets which specialize in wedding possessions as you can get a good price. You can also avail pleasing discounts if you shop during the sale season.


Make arrangements with the service providersReady set go for your big day!!

Make sure you have already got in touch with your local tailor or designer as far as custom made clothes are concerned. Tailors and designers often keep very busy during wedding season and might not entertain you if you approach them at the eleventh hour.


Explore the e-commerce and online vendorsReady set go for your big day!!

When we talk about party favors and invites, these may involve a bit of homework, make use of online vendors, who not only have an exotic range of gifts but also are willing to customize them according to your needs. In fact they might also give you a discount as you will be buying in bulk.


Use your plastic money wiselyReady set go for your big day!!

Last but not the least, it’s better to use your debit card or cash in hand while shopping and avoid using credit card as it can sway you away from the set budget.

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