My Own Yugioh Card

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What's This?

I was searching for a good , but could not find a good one. Some were very expensive and very hard to find. Recently I bought a tour guide from the underworld and luckily i got my own Yogioh  cards.



The Cards come with combat and counter strategies, I can play tricks on my opponent and there is no denying that these are powerful cards too. I can use spell, and trap cards to defeat my opponent’s monster…I can also drop my opponent’s life point to Zero points. Main thing is that I also can summon 1 Level 3 fiend type of a monster but i cannot use it as a Synchro material monster. I can also trick my opponents with my move which will compel them to change their plans.


Playing Yugioh card is like a psychological warfare. I can tell that the Tour guide of Underworld is one hell of  ambush card. I can confuse my opponents and doubts their strategies. Many people make mistakes is underestimate their opponents. You should always choose your cards carefully and utilize your cards which can give you greatest impact and will act as huge role in your success rate. The cards are usually dismissed out of hand by a new player. The main thing lies in the true power of the cards. With summoning Higher level of monsters can help me to chain and allow to create a lethal combination.


With the higher defence we can always inflict higher damage to the enemy.

Getting a Yugioh card is easy, i just have fill a form with my name, email, phone  and address. I should also mention which card i want and voila my card will be delivered. I just can’t believe it, that too i got it within 5 days. It is that simple.