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Meningitis B: Does everybody needs to be vaccinated and is there enough available?

Hundreds and thousands of parents are grieving the death of Faye Burdett – 2 years old, from Maidstone, Kent who got engulfed by the deadly meningitis and lost the battle of life in Sunday the 14th Feb. She suffered from meningitis for 11 days and left several questions unanswered

This news has panicked young parents and are concerned as to why the Meningitis B vaccine is not available on the NHS to all children and not only to babies of a certain age. Several parents not hundreds but thousands have come ahead and signed petition for Meningitis B to be mandatory and made available on the NHS for all the children.

The mother of the deceased Faye Burdett has been very brave to share pictures of her child who suffered from Meningitis and lost her life. Indeed her narration and pictures are very disturbing and have made aware of this this deadly virus to many parents who were not aware of this infection.Bexsero_2903611b

The NHS makes available a vaccine names Bexsero which is meant for meningitis B only for babies born on or after 1st of May 2015.However it is available privately for other children otherwise. With a sudden demand for the vaccine, this vaccine is now have a very huge waiting list even privately.

Keeping in mind the demand for vaccine provisions are being made and it is expected the stock would be available by summer 2016.

Boots UK, in the past said that it was releasing a vaccine in November 2015 for children older than 2 years; however they are no more registering new patients due to shortage of vaccine. Babies who are born after 1st of May 2015 are not affected and would continue to have the normal dose of the vaccine as usual. The pharmacies and drug manufacturers are working on the stock level and hopefully stocks would be made available by July 2016image_update_8a61768f6ea776e7_1358873753_9j-4aaqsk


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