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Is there something which is bothering you, is there something which is exhausting you? Do you feel worried about something, are you sure if this remains, it would take a considerable part of your brain. If yes, then it’s time for you to let it go.


Yes, it’s very important to simply vent it out. It’s not about passing on the heat on to somebody else, but about reliving yourself of that burden which has been sitting deep down inside you and slowly growing and overpowering your self-esteem and confidence.

Many people often feel that it’s no harm to keep that little secret within them for years together as it may just fade of. Yes, sometimes it may be right, as time is the best healer, but at the same time you might just have to pay a hefty price for that. It might not only lead to denting your personality but may also cause long lasting and impending health issues. Then why jeopardise yourself, your body and your soul. It’s just about letting it go. It might be an incident, an experience or a repercussion of something in the past. Find ways to just let it go and move ahead in life.


There are few things which are bound to happen if you keep that secret within you. Firstly it will definitely make your reassure that it is silently hiding beneath in one side if your heart, however if there happens to be a time when somebody just simply ponder it, it would eventually get triggered, effecting your mind body and soul. Therefore, one way to avoid this erratic impulse is to share it with somebody with whom you can confide with.

If that little thing is between two or more people then it’s wise to clear the dust and look for a closure. Once you’ve attained the closure, and then abide with it, Stand on to your decision and wait for the time to give you direction.


If you really cannot find somebody to discuss the matter, then it’s not a bad idea to grab a piece of paper and pen and jot it down, or stand in front of the mirror and pretend to say to somebody, this way the void within your heart will eventually clear and you would feel much lighter, better and ready to start a fresh.

I agree it’s easy said than done; however God only helps those who help themselves. So grab and get going, leave the past behind and move forward in life.

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