Importance of body language/postures during interviews

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There is a famous saying “action speaks more than words “This holds true during an interview. Actions displayed during an interview are also known as body language. Positive body language can guide your way smoothly to a positive result and vice versa.

Why body language plays an important role during an interview can be understood by the following pointsAAEAAQAAAAAAAAO9AAAAJGJiYTczYWI0LWUyZWUtNDE0ZC05ZDcwLTUwNjFhZTQ2NTBmMQ

  1. Breaking the ice-Interview is something in which both the parties do not know each other, but, their interaction may lead to a very important decision. Therefore, in such a scenario, it is the body language which helps in breaking the ice. A firm handshake and a polite welcome can help in starting the discussiondownload
  1. Provides direction-Once the interview has started another challenging role for the person being interviewed is to keep it going. By giving eye contact or nodding your head will give positive signals and will reassure that he is interested in the discussion.interview-business-group-28192389
  1. Accentuates reactions-Body language is a very effective tool to communicate thing which are often unsaid. Most of the interviews do not end by telling you the final result. However, it’s the body language of the interviewer which would communicate to you the result. Similarly a positive language, such as a gentle smile, a firm posture helps the interviewer judge whether the person is confident and interested in the jobjob-interview-tips1-520x245
  1. Building relationship-Body language is a very effective medium to build a relationship which would help in driving the interview forwards.interview
  1. Body language conceals many negative attributes-Often it has been seen that a person with a positive body language and a great personality can very easily get rid of difficult questions and sway the interview towards his comfort zone.