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How to go about Car Accident Claims

Vehicle accident occurs when a road vehicle collides with another vehicle and results in injuries and damages.  In vehicle accidents, car accident is the most common form of accident. There were nearly 6,420,000 car accidents in United States only and the claims were more than 230 Billion dollars.  In terms of injuries 2.9 million people were injured due to accidents and 42,636 people were killed.  According to a survey only in United States, 115 people die every day in car crashes and one death after every 13 minutes.

How to go about Car Accident Claims

As the number of accidents are increasing day to day, the claims proportion is directly related them and personalized damages are also about to rise. Car accidents appear as if people have forgotten the basics of driving. One of the main reasons for accidents is drunk driving. People lose their senses while driving and the accident occur which leads to injuries and damage. Another upcoming reason is fatigue. People work for long hours and fall asleep at the wheel and this lead to disaster not only to the person driving but also to others.

How to go about Car Accident Claims

While making a car accident claims, one must be aware of few rules.  The first and foremost is that law requires you to have a valid car insurance to be eligible for claim. In case you were on the other side you must immediately take the responsibility and provide your insurance details with the victim.  Running away is a bad idea which leads to criminal felony and if you were caught then you will be charged with hit and run case.  Car accidents claims must be made with a stipulated time period, either by you or any of you family member.  The amount of claim must be in proportion to the damage done to your vehicle, your life and mental condition.  If by any reason you made disproportionate claim then it could make your case weaken.

How to go about Car Accident Claims

As the insurance companies want to know the details to ensure proper compensation accidents are categorized into different types.  Rear Impact car accident occurs when one car hits the car in front of it from behind.  Usually the case is that the first car does not applied brakes on time to avoid the collision.  Side Impact accident occurs when one car hits side of another, whether by merging into another vehicle lane.  Head on collision is one when vehicle front hits another vehicle front.

How to go about Car Accident Claims

How to go about Car Accident Claims
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