Food for thought!!

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    Various things happen with everybody each day. Some are genuinely good, some appear to be good and some may be good but appear to be evil. It is us who has to understand and differentiate between the bad and good things, perceived, experienced and actually performed.


    If given a choice, then its human nature to select the one which appears to be easy, attractive and something which provides short term gains. However the truth is that difficult choices are those which provide a choice between short term gains and long term gains. Many wrong decisions are taken by selecting the easy choice which aims at short term gains. It is only later that the person realises and sometime even doesn’t realise that the choice made was an easy one.


    If you wish to take an important decision it’s wise to take it when you are completely relaxed, in peace and when your brain is giving correct signals. Do not let the evil dominate you and show your wicked side.

    If in doubt, it’s not a bad idea to discuss with some neutral person. The human brain interacts with the heart and tends to take a decision which makes your heart happy without understanding the implications. Therefore a neutral person would be able to provide you with an unbiased decision. If the suggestion given by the neutral person doesn’t pleases you, then you can be very sure that, the decision made by you definitely wasn’t correct. Do not let the Satan rule you. Some difficult decisions can prove to be a boon for you.



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