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Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?

It is rightly said that the journey matters more than the destination.  Similarly, the experience of lovemaking becomes a rich one if the foreplay time is prolonged. Instead of hurrying towards climax, couples should spend ample time in exploring each other.Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?

Many a times, it happens that guys get aroused very fast as compared to girls. Climax can be achieved in minutes of starting out. However, it is a proven fact that women consider lovemaking as a mental act rather than a physical process. Closeness, intimacy, love, physical understanding and compatibility with her man are some things which might affect the performance of women in bed. Dissatisfaction is created among women if foreplay is poor. There always arises a problem of inadequate lubrication if there is lack of excitement and arousal and due to this; couples are not able to reach the climax.  This is considered to be one of the main reasons for painful intercourse.Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?

 There are many solutions to this. According to sexologist, Avinash Chaudhary, touch, cuddling, feeling each other fondly and hugging helps a lot. One can start the process with a long and a passionate kiss. If one wishes to add sizzle to the romance, one can experiment with teasing, dirty talk and role playing for arousing your partner.Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?

Sometimes it is very triggering if you give your partner an erotic massage. Touch the body parts of your partner in a very sensuous way. Narrate all the wild fantasies to each other. Sex can be triggered by eating aphrodisiac foods such as bananas, chocolates, honey, wine and figs. This surely helps in setting the right mood. The ultimate and best act which never fails is the indulgence in oral sex.Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?

Sometimes for adding more fun, process hours can be started in advance by texting each other about sec, while at work. If there are elders and children at home, suggestive signals can be sent or notes can be posted with inviting messages on bathroom walls. Taking a shower together is another way of intimacy. The wet feel of the skin can be very stimulating for your partner.Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?

But it is not only men; women should also explore different ways and take initiative for seducing their man. In spite of the boggling routines, extra efforts must be made for looking fresh and attractive. This will surely attract your partner towards you. Smelling good is also an important and a big turn on. All the experiments and exhibitions must be shed with attractive lingerie. You should not feel shy for communicating what you want. Woman must take lead and guide him in exploring her body as a man cannot understand each and everything. Few instructional videos should be watched as they prove to be very useful.Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?


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Extended Foreplay -Are you in for it?
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