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Explore Miami-There is indeed much more than just sunshine, beaches and nightlife

Miami has something or the other for everybody. It is no short of tourist destination and natural beauty. Whether it is outdoor activities or indoor entertainment, you will find it here. Whether it is historical or contemporary, you would find it here. Miami truly is a place for people of all walks of life. However if you wish to explore the depth of Miami then, bravo!! try and adventure some of the offbeat Miami attractions without burning a hole in the pocket.


Without a doubt Miami is synonymous with beaches, sunshine and nightlife. So what is really out of the league in Miami that you want to capture in your Miami diaries? Here are few of the Miami attractions which you can enjoy other than the usual.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens: It is said that if you wish to understand the culture of any city then it’s well worth visiting a museum, therefore  Museum.Vizcaya Museum and Gardens it is which is rich in its inimitable sculptures and sketches. The walls of the museum consist of beautiful displays and exhibits which tell a story of the bygone era. The museum is surrounded by the magnificent and well maintained garden which would definitely take your breath away.


The Zoological Wildlife Foundation: After you’ve had a glimpse of the history of this magnificent city now it’s time to explore some animal love. If you are wildlife fanatics, then you must definitely visit the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. This is a one of a kind zoo where right from domestic animals to wild animals are tamed. You would be awestruck to see Lions and snow leopard depicting their wild side in a tamed manner.

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The Kampong: Fauna have been visited now; take a foretaste of some of the flora in Miami. Take some time out to visit the Kampong, which provides a sense of tranquility amid the hurly-burly of Central Miami. Enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of this beautiful botanical garden. Take a glimpse of rare species of plants. The Kampong is a perfect destination for relaxing strolls. Do not miss the very famous Sausage tree.


Miami GP Raceway: If you are thinking, that enough of quietude and are now looking to pump up your adrenaline then you ought to visit Miami GP Raceway. Miami GP Raceway provides go karting to a different level for the entire family. It’s certainly worth to take some time out and indulge in this entertaining yet competitive go kart.


Enjoy the festivities- Miami celebrates all its festivals in great spirit. If you wish to be a part of these festivities then do not miss the 10 day long beauty pageant during the spring. The Little Havana hosts a street party which is very famous and you can expect it to be very busy with people who come to watch live entertainment. In fact try and shake a leg and learn some authentic dance styles such as salsa, flamingo etc. The best of all is the live performances by the DJs and music artist which is definitely very refreshing.

Miami-Hotel-Near-Santas-Enchanted-ForestIf you are thinking, that is all, and then you are highly mistaken. Miami is brimming with activities and attraction and this is just a beginning.


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