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Marketing and promotion has grown leaps and bounds, gone are those days when only TV commercial and print advertisements were enough to fight fierce competition. Now a day’s one needs to make use of more versatile medium such as the social media to make a place for its product or service in the eyes of the consumer. Even more when it comes to ecommerce business, so that there is no dearth of traffic on your website.

Social media has in the past proved it, and is bringing in positive results every now and then. Following are few of the examples how social media marketing has brought about increase in sales.

  • Inspiring Quotes on Twitter by Ugmonk -Ugmonk which is a clothing and lifestyle brand made use of stimulating quotes such as “we don’t get a chance to do too many things, and everyone should be really excellent”- Steve Jobs. It has been seen that quotes is a great way to increase tweets as they are a fun way to deliver a particular message .This particular quote is aiming at the framework of the product hence, in order to use quotes in the most effective manner it is advisable to study the consumer base so that the quote is not abused or amused.
  • ugmonkneversettle
  • Nike making use of Encouraging images on Pinterest-Another great example of social media marketing which has brought about impressive results is motivational images and quotes by Nike on Pinterest. Nike has been very active on posting motivational imaging especially for their Nike women which has shown immense indulgence by the target audience. Motivational and inspiring images can work very well if posted with the companies or the brand logo along with its product. It’s a wise idea to include tag lines which increases the readability by the target audience.
  • nikewomen_pinterest
  • Engage the audience in a fun way by asking questions on Facebook implemented by Bluff works -Polls, surveys, competition and questions are a great way to involve audience in their marketing campaigns.Bluff works does exactly that by posting a fun question along with an image.The answers provided by the audience would not only bring about more traffic but also can provide you would brilliant ideas.
  • bluff_works_facebook_large
  • Upcoming Looks By Gap On Vine & Instagram-Posting videos and pictures of upcoming fashion trends is always a hit especially in the upcoming seasons.Gap has been proactive in regards to posting images and videos of their commercial on instagram and vine which has proved to be always beneficial.Not only does it promote their range of new clothes and accessories but also bring about traffic to their website.
  • gap_vine_looks_previews

The above examples clearly display how social media marketing can bring about rewarding results. What’s required is to make use of the best medium in order to target exactly what is needed, so as to bring about synergy. By getting in touch with a SMO company you would be able to increase traffic on your ecommerce platform which would ultimately drive your sales volume.