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Day Trips from Paris

If you are on a tour to France, then Paris happens to be on top of your list. There are lots to be seen in Paris, starting from museums, to shops. After visiting all the tourist location in Paris one must also have a look around Paris. There are many tourist spots around Paris. These are some of the day trips from Paris.
VersaillesDay Trips from Paris
if you travel around 20 kilo meters south of Paris then you would see a Palace which was built by the sun king which is known as the Versailles. The monument is enchanting that people do not consider their tour to Paris finished wit out visiting it. It attracts more than 3 million visitors every year because of it enormous structure and beautiful history

Le Chateau De Vaux Le VicomteDay Trips from Paris
Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte is yet another significant historic monument which should not be missed by any touristwhile considering a day trip from Paris. It is so elegantly built and reflects the various historic events which happened in the past.

Marly-le-roiDay Trips from Paris

Marly-le-roi is a perfect holiday idea for ones who simply love the country side .It’s a great way to spend a perfect afternoon roaming around the street while enjoying the crafts, its culture and serene environment. In olden times it was a castle were the king Louis XVI used to invite his guest. The castle is no more there but the well maintained gardens still pull lots of tourist attractions. It is quite well connected with Paris. It is not too far away from Paris. It takes around 25minutes from Paris if boarded a train.

Fontainebleau forestDay Trips from Paris

If you are considering Day Trips from Paris then hiking in the dense Fontainebleau forest can be lots of fun and thrill. It is located just on the outskirts of the town, It was very famous in olden times because of It royal hunting sessions by the French. The Chateau de Fontainebleau was also a very famous chateau which was the home of Napoleon. It was characterized by the enormous and the very beautiful ball room. The walls of the ballroom are all covered with majestic and magical painting of that time.

Few things should be kept in mind when traveling in and around Paris.Day Trips from Paris

Day Trips from Paris can be very tiring and confusing so it is advisable to book a group tour. This not only allows you to enjoy the company of others but also help you get guidance of an expert guide who tends to be on board. A group tour also makes you visit more places than you could cover at your own leisure. If you get distracted with the company of unknown people then you could try boarding a train to cover day trips from Paris. Paris is very well connected with the locations stated above hence it is very accessible and comfortable to board a train. Another very common mode of touring Paris and around is by renting a car. Those of you who love to drive along the country side when taking a day trip from Paris, it can be great fun.




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Day Trips from Paris
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