Beat the heat with a dash of refreshing Malai Kulfi..


    The other day I was reading an article about frozen dessert which we often confuse with ice-cream, which was very disturbing.

    Beat the heat with a dash of refreshing Malai Kulfi..

    Frozen desserts, which look and taste like ice cream but are made out of vegetable fat, have silently grabbed a 40% share in India’s 1,800-crore organised ice-cream market without most consumers realizing they are not ice cream.”Courtsey-

    You would be surprised to know what actually constitute a tab of Tesco ice-cream, which we give our children as a treat. Little do we realise that we are simply feeding them a mixture of sugar and variety of vegetable oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil

    ‘Partially reconstituted lactose reduced whey protein concentrate (from milk), sugar, vegetable oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrose, whey powder, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilisers (guar gum, sodium alginate), flavourings, colours (curcumin, anatto).’

    Beat the heat with a dash of refreshing Malai Kulfi..

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    And if you are wondering there is no harm in treating your child with a soft scoop, then read further

    Soft scoop is always bad news, it basically means poor ice cream. This doesn’t have any real anything, it’s just a water-sugar oily bulk held together by starches. At least they are using natural colors, though.

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    I was very distressed as I have also had a tub full of these ice-creams stocked up in my fridge. But no more, as I would make sure my little one enjoys all the flavors along with health benefits. Below is the recipe of malai Kulfi which I prepared from scratch with all natural ingredients.

    Beat the heat with a dash of refreshing Malai Kulfi..

    Preparation Time: 10-15mins

    Cooking Time: 1-hours

    Yield: enough for 4-people


    • Full fat milk
    • Powdered sugar
    • Green Cardamom
    • Saffron
    • Roasted almonds
    • Green Cardamom powder or eliachi essenceBeat the heat with a dash of refreshing Malai Kulfi..


    • Take 2 liters of full cream milk and pour it in a heavy bottom pan.
    • Let it simmer on medium heat.Keep on stirring it occasionally.Let it simmer until it reduces to half.
    • Meanwhile take some saffron strands and let it stand in 2-3 tablespoon of warm milk for 30 minutes.Keep it aside.
    • Now break open 5 cardamon pods into the simmering milk.At this point you can add your roasted almonds and other dry fruits according to your preference
    • Let the milk simmer for another 15 mins and then add powdered sugar.
    • Once your milk is reduced to 1/4th of the original quantity,switch off the flame and add either powdered elaichi powder or Elachi essence.
    • Along with it add the dissolved saffron to the milk.
    • Give it a quick stir and let it cool for sometime.
    • The consistency of the mixture when at room temperature must be of a rabri.
    • Meanwhile grease the Kulfi molds with butter or vegetable oil and pour in the prepared rabri.
    • Place the kulfi molds in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours or overnight so that it is nicely set.
    • Once it is set,demold the kulfi by placing the molds through running water and carefully pull it out.
    • Garnish the Kulfi with roasted almond and saffron strands.
      Beat the heat with a dash of refreshing Malai Kulfi..


    1. Use only full fat milk
    2. Always let the rabdi cool down till room temperature and then put in molds, otherwise kulfi would be icy.
    3. Do not fill the rabdi till the top, as it expands when frozen and would be difficult to demould it.


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