Arranged marriages trending again


There was a time when marriages meant to be arranged by the elders, after looking into various things such as the boy’s family, matching horoscope etc. Suddenly there was an immediate change, youngsters wanted to choose their own partner. However it has now been seen that the trend of arranged marriage is returning. Following are few of the reason as to why the generation Y wants their parents to choose for them.Arranged marriages trending again

  1. It’s more exciting-Knowing a person bit by bit after marriage indeed is more exciting.
  2. Don’t take him/her for granted-Since you get to know your partner slowly therefore you value his/her attitude and don’t just take him/her for granted.
  3. Value your parent’s decision-Whether you like him/her or not, you still tend to love your partner as you love your parents and are sure that their decision can never be wrong
  4. Other things in mind-Now a day the younger generation is too much into career and studies that they often forget about love and romance and better leave it after getting married.
  5. Better ties-It has been seen that arranged marriages follow better relationships with in-laws.
  6. More choice-You can pick and choose from various matrimonial sites when the search is on. In case of love marriage you have to compromise somewhere.
  7. It’s a whole new experience-It’s a whole new experience of knowing not only your partner but also their families.
  8. Don’t have to adjust too much-mostly arranged marriages happen in the same community, caste and religion therefore you might not have to adjust too much.
  9. Enjoy both the world-You can still go in for a arranged marriage, even if you’ve had an affair before. Arranged marriage is always an option.
  10. Too little hard work-In case of arranged marriage you don’t have to win the heart of your partner. You have ample time to do that after marriage.Arranged marriages trending again
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