Armacell advanced insulation-Its widespread benefits

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What's This?

Sealumet is the acquisitive distributors for the Armacell advanced insulation all over the country of Australia. The company provides products that are required as it is focused on providing solutions to its customers. It is known for its qualitative offerings and remarkable services. The company never compromises with the quality of its products.



Silontex is a textile bonded with silicone. It consists of a durable silicone layer on one side of the fabric that can be custom formed. In order to measure the garments in some particular areas that combine pressure therapy and silicone gel therapy, it is sewn directly into the job skin. This is one of the easy steps. There are several benefits of using the silontex, which includes it being durable, stringy, and comfortable. It is very breathable and provides more comfort. It contains semi permeable membrane. It does not require any special care. The versatility of this product is another benefit.

Silontex is an HKO product, which is a vital heat protection product from an organization that is considered as the world’s biggest supplier of acquisitive thermal insulation products to the wide insulation market. This organization has an experience of 15 years. It has a huge range of materials like metal jacketing, banding, hooks, toggles, foils, mesh, mineral fibers, seals, glass clothes and many more. The applications of the silontex include sealing of the suction tubes, maintenance as well as the repair of the cathode, sealing of the crucible lid. It also is used for sealing of the pivoting frames and insulation of the melting furnaces. The silontex is now replacing the ceramic fibers all over the industry due to the various reasons like due to its elongated durability, reduced vision cost and due to the feature that its fibers are made. These physical and qualitative features features distinguish this product from the previously used products. The other major factor considered for silontex is that as compared to the normal ceramic fibers which have a loss of approximate 20% at a temperature of 250 C. This thermal insulator has a wear tear effect of only 2% making it a vital product.


Hakotherm is another product from Sealumet. It is a heat protection product, which is used basically in the field of primary as well as secondary aluminum. It is one best insulating material that can withstand high temperatures. It is normally used for insulation and sealing of different heavy machinery and for the repairing of the cathode. It hence prevents the spread of extra heat in the environment. It has two types Hakotherm 800 and Hakotherm 1200. The majority of rings are made up of Hakotherm 1200 and 800. It serves the purpose of manufacturing of the necessary sealing of the flanges as well as bearing up of the bolting of the flanges, as well.  This amorous thermal insulation product is well established all over the world. The physical and qualitative features distinguish it from its competitors. Sealumet is the largest supplier of amorous thermal insulation products.