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Alternative Wedding Dresses for your D Day

Wedding day is the most memorable day for any lady as she steps into yet another phase of life. It is indeed a day when she wants to look her best in order to get all the charm and attraction towards her. Every bride wants to look her best on her d-day as she walks in her beautiful attire  The bride wedding dress forms a very important part of the wedding. And I am sure many thoughts and loads of money is put into while investing in the trendiest dress ever. Apart from the serene white gown worn in most of the Christian wedding there are many alternative wedding dresses available all across the world and in diverse cultures. The color of the bridal wear differs from country to country and also varies according to the seasons and climate.

A theme wedding is becoming very popular recently as it not only brings about a fun element but also makes the ceremony more informal. In many countries there happens to be a particular kind of wedding dress which is customary to be worn by the bride. Given below are some of the alternative wedding dresses other than just a white gown which can be chosen for the d-day.

  • Asian floral prints look very pretty and if somebody loves different fabric like silk and organza then such prints can be a great bid on fabric like these and a beautiful gown with vibrant colors would look awesome.1.200x200
  • Theme wedding as mentioned earlier is becoming very popular. Various themes based on seasons like spring and autumn are very popular. In case of spring color like peaches, lavender and pinks can be used in flowing material to make off shoulder gowns, or a strappy wedding outfit. Periodic themes such as renaissance can also be thought about were in dresses with plunging neck line can be designed.Trends-Of-Indian-Wedding-Dresses-2014-002
  • If you happen to be a part of Indian wedding then it a great possibility to see a bride dressed up in a saree or a lenghna with beautiful jewelry to compliment her saree.Weddings-Sarees-designs-of-2016-with-different-Colours-1
  • In case of a beach wedding, the bride can wear a bikini dress.in case of A Vegas wedding a tight party dress with ankle length leather boots and funky accessories can be teamed up.
  • If somebody knows how to style a toga then they can also be an alternative wedding dress. A big beautiful bun can be made which would complement the toga thoroughly.
  • African Buba gown is a very popular wedding dress which is worn by almost all the African brides since it’s a tradition there. It looks extremely elegant and can be articulated with similar looking jewelry according to ones style and taste.d02fdf74d9de31865e1a511fb5803eab
  • Alternative wedding dresses for a summer wedding could be a satin and bow cinched waist wedding gown with a beautiful garland veil.
  • It may sound a little too formal but it’s all about comfort ,so for brides who prefer comfort over style ,so an alternative wedding dress for such a bride can be a flurry skirt with a well fitted blouse. Or she can even experiment with a pair of trousers with a beautiful jacket.
  • Another idea for alternative wedding dresses is trendy salwar kameeze which is quite popular in Far East Asian countries’ beautiful duppataa is taken along with the salwar kameeze.709a2490e27eea6994da99a685afd7da

These were just a few of the wedding dress. The list is endless.

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