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20 things only your mother can do for you (Mothers day special)

There are few things which only your mother can do for you, whether it is giving you birth or knowing you inside out. She is the person who would always stand by you in thick and thin4MOM-1250x854

  1. It’s because of her that you are here in this world today-She is the one who gave you life.happy-mother-and-child
  2. There are no breaks for her-Her job is more or less 24*7. She does not think twice before attending you. It does not matter to her whether it is day or night.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJTAAAAJDg4NDZmYWZiLWI5YmItNDk3ZS1iNmU4LWQ4OGM1ZTc2N2YyZg
  3. She is your first teacher-Your mom is the first one to teach you the basics of life such as talking, walking, eating etc.first-teacher-of-walking-and-eduaction
  4. She keeps you safe-Your mom at every time makes sure that you are safe everywhere, in your home, at school and even at the playground.momsavoidplayground_sized
  5. She keeps you first-Your mom would not mind sharing her own ice cream with you without having one for herself, because she wants you contendedbaby’s-food-chart
  6. She loves you no matter what-Your mom will love you, even when you shout at her or you are being nasty towards herDownham__Z_Noelle_Photography_14
  7. Your mom always finds you beautiful-Your mom would always praise you and you would always be the apple of her eye even when you look miserable during your adolescent121514-cc-stepmom2
  8. Comforts you-Your mom is the best person to comfort you when you are feeling down in the dumps. She always lends her ear and gives you a shoulder to cry.135-33142-crymom-1368285093
  9. She is your best friend-you may not agree that she is your best friend; however, she is the one with whom you can confide with. She would never leak your secret.Portrait of a mother and daughter shopping for clothes
  10. She would give you wisdom-If you are seeking for some advice then, your mom without a doubt would provide the best advice which is custom made for you as he knows you so wellMother-in-Law-Wants-You-to-Call-Her-Mom
  11. Your mom knows you how to put you in place when you are being naughty without hurting youmom-and-tween-talking
  12. Mom is the one who would always try to make you feel like a hero in front of your friends and family by cooking the best meal or planning a surprise party for you and your friendskissingmomgirl
  13. It’s your mom who makes sure that you hang around with the right people, in fact, she is playing a very important part in finding your life partner directly or indirectlyfriends
  14. Your mom makes sure that you build on good relationship with your siblings and relatives.live_photo16806590
  15. She saves you from being embarrassed-There are many occasions when you mom would not mind taking the blame on her for your mistakesdont-let-blame-keep-you-from-change
  16. She thinks out of the box-it’s only a mom who would go an extra mile and then an out of the box ideal for your science project, so that you get recognized
  17. By seeing how your mom grows, you get a clear understanding and a live example of how you wish to grow old in the times to come. You can learn so much from your mom’s experience.snow_shovel
  18. It’s your mom who sometimes plays the role of both your mom as well as your dad. She is the one who works hard all day and then in the evening does not mind cooking for you and takes a few hours to play with you and read books to youOD-AT722_MOM_TE_F_20121004121815
  19. Proud of you-Your mom is your that friend who would never feel jealous of your successgty_three_women_walk_rf_jc_150616_12x5_1600
  20. Make your independent-Mom is the only person who prepares her children for the future and would not mind them going far away from her when the times comeskid-waving-goodbye-wide
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