Sex Mistakes Women Usually Do


“A good sex life is an important part of an individual’s overall health,” says Mark Schoen, Ph.D., director of sex education for the Sinclair Intimacy Institute. “It has been proved by medical science that people who enjoy a good sex life tend to remain healthier both physically as well as mentally. However it is unfortunate that in many parts of the world people still regard it as a taboo and have lack of knowledge about it especially the women. Below are few mistakes which women tend to make

  1. Hitch of initiating the actSex Mistakes Women Usually Do

When it comes to physical intimacy, in most cases, it’s a man’s world which is witnessed. Women most of the times tend to take the back seat and let the man command the situation. This is one of the most common mistakes women usually do. It’s advisable to learn to initiate the act, don’t always rely on your man to ignite the fire in you. Fact is that men like to be caressed and adore the women to take the drivers position.

  1. Being unresponsive while in actionSex Mistakes Women Usually Do

In order to make any act successful it is important to respond well. Everybody likes to be acknowledged and rewarded. Enjoy while you are in bed and let your partner also know that you appreciate the efforts and feelings. Being real and natural can certainly help you in enjoying every moment of it. Don’t try to conceal your feeling and let your reactions come naturally.

  1. Forgetting the Sensory pointsSex Mistakes Women Usually Do

Everybody have their sensitive points. It’s an art to find out the sensory points in your man. Make use of your skills and believe me half the battle is won if you are able to find those. Try to fiddle them with your tongue or stimulate them by gently caressing them. I am sure once you try out these magic tricks you would see wonder happening right away.

  1. Making him responsible for your pleasureSex Mistakes Women Usually Do

Be very sure to communicate in between the act this only helps in stimulating your orgasm. This is true that action speaks more than words hence give well expressed signs of what you expect from your partner. Most women feel shy and hence do not project the correct picture which ends the act being just half done. Some very simple ways to increase satisfaction level is to guide his hands and communicate.

  1. Being monotonousSex Mistakes Women Usually Do

Learn to surprise your man by offering him variety in regards to techniques, passion and also places. Explore different places where you can surprise him with your charm instead of just bedroom. You would be surprised that places like the balcony, stairway and even the bathroom works wonders

Sex Mistakes Women Usually Do

Hence by taking into consideration little things in life and following these magic tricks will definitely strengthen your bond and bring about more happiness in your life.


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