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Men’s Fashion Must-Haves For Spring

Spring is here! This means warmer days, more sun and time to swap your winter wardrobe to a spring one!

There are some things every man should have in his closet for this beautiful season despite trends or the newest gimmicks. 

And once you have your basics covered, you can always add the season’s hottest item for extra oomph.

Here are the men’s fashion must-haves for spring.

The basics

It sometimes can feel daunting to do a complete overhaul of the closet, but once you know the basics and have a system – it’s a breeze!

First of all, focus on the fabrics. Anything heavy and thick, like wool sweaters, blazers, trousers, heavy plaid shirts, or thick cotton t-shirts, go to storage.

Bring in similar items only in lighter fabrics such as linen, light cotton, synthetics or silk.

The second step is getting your colour palette right. You want lighter colours such as grey, light blue, white or beige. Don’t go overboard – you don’t need a rainbow to make it feel like spring.

Chambray shirt

In addition to your regular dress-shirts, spring is a great time for a lightweight chambray shirt that’s versatile and casual enough to wear for your weekend outings. 

What’s chambray, you ask? Chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a coloured yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Denim is also made with the same types of yarn but woven in a twill construction. 

Pair it with chinos, jeans, throw on a blazer or a cardigan, and you’re good to go. 


With spring’s unpredictable weather, layering is key. That’s where a lovely cardigan comes in is handy – simply throw it on top of a t-shirt.

Cardigans are not only practical. They also add a little bit of flair, even to the simplest outfits. It’s best to choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton as wool will definitely make you sweat on a warm April or May day.

High-quality t-shirts 

For most men, not a day goes by without wearing a t-shirt, especially in spring. That’s why this is the perfect time to stock up on high-quality t-shirts.

We love the ones from Fresh Clean Teas as they come in different styles and colours. Check out their selection of v-neck tees: https://freshcleantees.com/collections/v-necks

A monochrome t-shirt is a base for any outfit and easily pairs with blazers, cardigans, vests etc.

Denim jacket

If you don’t have a denim jacket, it’s time to get one. This spring and summer staple is great with a t-shirt on warm spring days or paired with a hoodie for cooler nights. 

The market is filled with different styles and colours, so choose one based on your lifestyle. If you want to aim for a more put-together look, a simple black or burgundy denim jacket will be great. And those nostalgic of the 90s should look no further than washed off blues. 

Fleece hoodie 

A fleece hoodie is great for spring outings in nature. It’s more wind and rain resistant than your regular hoodie, also very comfortable, and doesn’t wrinkle.

Usually, a fleece has pockets where you can keep your hiking essentials too! Depending on your budget, you can find a fleece hoodie for 50 bucks or make an investment and buy the real deal that will last you years.

Short-sleeve button-down

Short-sleeved button-downs are so much fun. They’re less casual than t-shirts, but you still can enjoy exciting patterns and colours that long-sleeve shirts might not allow. 

Style it easily with any cardigan, sweater and denim trouser or chinos and enjoy warm days sipping coffee in the park. 

Light pants

No matter how much we love wool trousers, it’s time for something light and breezy as twill khakis, chinos or even linen pants.

Don’t be afraid of a little colour and opt for pastel blues, pinks or seafoam green. Black or navy is always a safe choice, but we all should live a little!

Polo shirt 

Polo shirts instantly make an outfit look more put together, and spring is the perfect time to start wearing them. 

The colour and pattern options are endless, so you can experiment depending on the occasion.

Florals are very much in this season, and a bright polo in such a pattern can become a statement piece of your outfit! 

Sachin Saurabh Saxena
Sachin Saurabh Saxena
Sachin & his wife Shuchi Bhatnagar authors the hugely popular and award-winning NetSparsh.com portal where they write about digital content from technology, how-to guides, to Lifestyle & Fashion and from Bollywood to Hollywood & More
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