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Men’s fashion: 10 ways to wear a pair of pants

1- Comfortable and free

This brigade is suitable for late summer and early autumn when the weather is not too cold yet, and it has a pleasant coolness at the beginning of the day. Two top layers of light colors have been selected to make blending and setting easier. A lightweight hooded sweater is an excellent choice to set up a buttoned men’s shirt. Do not forget to fold the slippers two or three times when using sandals.

2- Classic and urban

At the same time, a classic and a modern type is a beautiful combination of four house shirts and leather jackets. Now that you will use the boot, please open the slippers of the pants and do not put your striped shirt inside the pants.

3- A little to a formal part

Wearing a tie with a sleeveless shirt that goes under the pants this time, as well as using a waistband, will make your appearance somewhat traditional. Never underestimate the power of a tie. This seemingly simple cream can give a traditional look to your arrival. We also recommend the classic Oxford model for shoes, provided that you put one on each of your slippers.

4- Student brigade

Well, you do not have to be a student for this brigade to be suitable for you. A light polo shirt with dark jeans and cloth shoes is the right choice for busy days. Wearing a T-shirt under a blouse is not bad, as long as you choose seven types of collars. For this model of shoes, we also offer folded slippers.

5- Wool sweater + T-shirt

 If you still want to wear old teenage T-shirts, add a wool jacket and dark leggings to this adolescent look. Do not forget to fasten the buttons of the coat under which you are wearing a T-shirt. To not look too much like your grandparents, be sure to wear a light-colored jacket and do not forget the leggings.

6- Single coat

Admittedly, wearing a single coat does not automatically make you look good. The tip in the photo is not just a simple old-fashioned jacket of the day, a T-shirt. The unique fabric of this coat has given it a unique charm. Keep this tip as simple as possible. The yellow heel of the shoe is impressive enough, and nothing should compete with it. If you are looking for a little attention, an oversized watch can help you complete this brigade.

7- Party

This brigade may not be your first choice to go to a party, but it is not wrong to see how you can wear the same pants at work. Put your blaze on your pants and forget about the electric fire. Choose a simple black fire instead. Close the cufflinks and fold the slippers once.

8- Attractive bright sweater!

Wearing a light seven-collar sweater is a bit risky, but we’ll show you how to look attractive and unique in this look. For light sweaters, look for a neutral-colored tie and a white shirt. You can also use classic models for shoes.

9- Recycling the official coat!

If you’re wedding coat gets stuck in the closet or you only have to wear the skin you had to buy for your brother’s wedding, it’s time to bring them back into the life cycle. A simple T-shirt without a design with fabric ketones and jeans will be great, but again, it’s time to untie the pants’ hem.

10- The 30s!

Yes! Yes! You certainly do not remember, but well, we tell you that wearing a vest has been common since the 1930s. Of course, wearing a vest and setting it up is a bit of a hassle, but if you try it with a light T-shirt and, of course, high-heeled linen, we promise that everyone will be fascinated by your updated type.

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