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Guide to select the designer crossbody bags based on body frames

Handbags are one of the standard accessories that serve multiple purposes. Whether you believe it or not, you can break or make a look by carrying the right-hand bag. There are many kinds of designer crossbody bags available in the market; however, choosing the right one is very important. In this article, we will look at how to choose the right bag according to the body. It is a crucial factor considering that not all body types are the same.

The relation between body shapes and handbag shapes

The first thing you need to understand is that it is essential to choose a bag based on your body type. For example, if you are short and stout, wearing a small bag will not look good. Similarly, wearing a huge bag will only make you look bulky. The critical element here is to choose the right size, design, and shape. Now let us look at the different body types/frames and the kind of bag that will suit each of them.

Choosing bags based on the height and frame

For petite and small women

An oversized bag will not look good on a petite and small frame. For such structures, you need to choose a mid-length or short strapped medium or small-sized handbag. Bags with very long straps or a full design will make you look short.

For thin and tall women

There are unique colours/hues of bags for such body types. Do not go for structured or boxy bags, instead opt for slouchy bags that will help mould your body shapes. Similarly, bags that are extremely wide, small, or big will not look good. Choose bags that have a longer strap instead of a shorter strap.

For plus-size or curvy women

Plus size women need to find versatile bags that go well with their body type. Wearing a small bag will make you look bigger and heavier. Similarly, slouchy and round bags will only make your thighs and hips look big. Opting for medium-sized bags rectangular or square-shaped bags that are flat on the body will look good. If you want to look at some of the bags in store for such body types, click here.

Choosing bags based on body shape

Handbags for women with pear-shaped bodies

Pear-shaped bodies have a lot of weight on the lower part of their body. That is why you should not go for bags that are of the hip length. Choosing a bag that has a height above the hips is a good option.

For apple-shaped body types

Apple-shaped body types have a round waist and bust. Choosing bags with short straps and small handbags will not look good. To give your look a perfect balance, opt for bags with long straps that end on the hips or thighs. It will take away the attention from the heaviness of your bust and waist.

For women with hourglass shape bodies

Women who have an hourglass shape have a well-defined waist, shoulders, and hips. Choosing bags for such body types is not difficult. You can go with crossbody bags, totes, or medium-sized hobo bags.

For rectangular shaped women

Rectangular shaped women have a very monotonous shape as the hips, waist, and shoulder are of the same size. You need to choose bags that will add a curved figure illusion. Choose bags that will end or rest on your waistline.

A final note on designer crossbody bags

To get a sophisticated look and perfect finish, you need to choose the right bag. This article has given you some useful tips and suggestions on selecting the ideal bag for your body shape. By following these tips, you can take your style quotient one step forward.

Guide to select the designer crossbody bags based on body frames
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Guide to select the designer crossbody bags based on body frames
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