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21st Century Fashion and How It Influence the Lives of Students?

This is the age of fashion and fashion has a huge impact on our lives. In fact, striving for something new and different by presenting the aspect of excitement increases the diversity in our lives, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we consider dressing and working in the same way.

Shape The Society

Fashion is an expression of a particular style in clothing, shoes, accessories or make-up. It’s the way you work, the way you look and the way you treat others. It covers a wide range of behaviors, such as speech, practice, etiquette, and lifestyle. In today’s society, there is a lot of intellectual debate about fashion and clothing and their importance. There are many things in fashion and clothing that hold our society together. Fashion can be defined as the current style or style of dress, style and social style, while clothing is collectively defined as clothing. If fashion and clothing are removed from our lives, there will be no room for individuality and the world’s population will be the same. There will also be the loss of social class distinctions, which were much appreciated in the 18th century but still exist today. The demise of fashion and clothing will also change the dynamics of the social world and social relations.

Students and Fashion

Modern, short for ‘modern’, refers to a youthful lifestyle that began in London in the 1960’s and spread rapidly to other parts of the world. Being fashionable is not only desirable but also satisfying. It is common for young students to be fashionable and immediately more attracted. Follow the trends so that fashion has a strong impact on our youth. Fashion has a lasting effect on society. It affects our thinking and attitudes about social culture. We introduce new ways of life through fashion and create awareness within ourselves to restore a new line of customs. For students, participation in their community is an important social statement. As Malcolm Bernard puts it in his book Fashion at Communication, “Fashion and clothing have always been described as a form of communication”. Students use fashion to exchange their feelings and beliefs. They use fashion as a way to socialize in which all kinds of people are tested. One way to tell the fashion world is what their personality really means.

The 1920s are known as the Fleming Youth Ever for wild and controversial expressions. In this era, the energy of the youth was liberated in a new way and there was no way to be high and low. Our world has become universal. Famous people play a significant role in the lives of young people. Students search for their beloved icons to keep themselves up to date. While watching TV or using the internet, they can easily gravitate towards different fashion ideas. In addition, students set an example for celebrities of their choice and always want to imitate their idols and lifestyles. He is trying to understand all the current fashion from his society to enhance his personality. Whenever they are collective, they talk about new things that can be adapted. In their normal lives, they use unnatural methods of expression, speech and behavior that are relatively artificial.

Fashion and Its Impact On Our Lives

In my opinion, fashion has two kinds of positive and negative effects on students.

In our society, fashion has a very negative effect on students. They just think of new fashion and it costs a lot of money. Therefore, they may not be aware of other important necessities of life. It always takes them away from education. Once a style or fashion gets into a trend, the student body looks at it no matter how disturbing it may be. On the other hand, they are obsessed with fashion because of the influence of society. In order to follow a certain fashion, one has to take some steps and in order to do so, some students have to go beyond their limits to attract their environment. Eventually, instead of being smart, they become frustrated and depressed because they are in fashion. On the other hand, the idea is that money spent on fashion can be used for other purposes, such as charity and helping the poor.

Fashion is a form of art and since art is beneficial for society as well as for fashion. One of the main reasons for fashion companies to invest more in modern clothing, trends and the extension of a better life. We cannot agree with the fact that fashion has an important place in the life of every student. Sometimes, it can be a source of things that make life more enjoyable. On the other hand, it can be devastating to some people’s lives. So it is better to modernize yourself with fashion but if it is harming your academic performance in any way then you should keep yourself away from it. In general, fashion can be fun, interesting and harmless. Fashion is a way of making money that can provide employment to thousands of people.

Following fashion should be the lifeblood of students. They should be well aware of the fact that fashion is admirable within the limits but when the limits are crossed they face a lot of troubles. Their main responsibility is to fill themselves with the assets of knowledge instead of running after the war of the deceitful fashion world. There has to be a right balance between being fashionable and getting away from your roots. Students should be aware of the fact that they have as much time as possible to enter the world of fashion after completing their education. Therefore, they should do their best for education at this time and not wait for anyone.

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