World’s 10 Best Hotels

People look for all sorts of guidance and knowledge in order to choose the most appropriate hotel while they travel.

World's 10 Best Hotels

There are hotels which are certainly quite popular. Hence they are at the top of the list. Such as India’s Oberoi Udaivilas ,Montana’s Triple Creek Ranch apart from various others.  However, with the passage of time there is the entry of some new comers. The whole world is bereft with some of the mind blowing hotels and following are the list of the highly acclaimed and renowned hotels.


No. 1 Singita Grumeti Reserves

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Singita  is the name which needs no introduction since it has come up with a mobile safari camp which is the addition to the esteemed and renowned hotel which is spread in 340,000 acre. There are lodges as well which includes campaign chairs, mahogany chests along with thick Persian rugs. Faru is another popular name which has six chalets has Swahili beach resort, along with swimming pool, open air lounge. The picturesque beauty amidst being elephants is indeed noteworthy  There is whopping seven cottage residence and all of them have well maintained garden along with the exotic cliff- top plunge pool. Every thing is cared so that guests are not deprived of any sort of entertainment as spa, tennis courts, and yoga centre. The place has various sight seeing which includes, wildebeest, elephants, gazelles, zebras. Travellers can have the mind blowing look at the scenery by taking the help of a mountain bike or horse bike.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 2 Triple Creek Ranch

Darby, MT

Triple creek is the property for adults and it is situated in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. It is spread amidst the 40 acre landscape. It consists of 23 plush log cabins and has wood burning fireplaces, sculptures , oil painting along with hot tubs as well not to forget the feather beds with the best of woollen. Guests can do whatever  they feel like. In terms of fly fishing, helicopter tours along with having dinner at the chef’s, table.  The boulder cabins along with baker are quite cheap but they are equally bereft with fireplace and sitting area  and equally have access of hot tub.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 3 Southern Ocean Lodge

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Situated at 30 mins of plane journey from Adelaide located in a thinly populated island is the lodge which has lots of greenery and is equally beautiful in nature as well. It has exotic 21 suites which are quite spacious along with outdoor terraces. The construction of the property was done in order to take the best use of natural weather patterns. James and Hayley Baillie who are the owners only developed one percent since the gave the rest of the land to a preservation trust.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 4 Oberoi Udaivilas

Udaipur, India

Located in central Rajasthan 30 acre palatial property is near to the banks of Lake Pichola. You will be provided with royal service the moment you step in. There are boat ferries which will take you to places across the palaces.  A personal butler will be provided to you as he guides you to your room amidst addressing to several other problems as and when they arise.  You will be mesmerised at the sight of Aravalli Mountains as you happen to have a look from you hotel room.  You will get the service of an English speaking guide who will guide about its 16th century city palace.

World's 10 Best Hotels

No. 5 Discovery Shores

Boracay, Philippines

The place is bereft with mind blowing beauty on this tiny island. You will be curious to have a look at the white beach which is spread at a 2 and a half mile stretch. It is considered to be the softest world over. It has spacious suites which are numbered 88 and they have large glass wall  that give you the beauty of scenic rock gardens. However, water will mesmerize you even more. You will love to have a dip in the pool. Mouth watering mojitos are there which has the local flavours such as mango and lychee.  You can have great time of listening from 1000 songs that are played from recreation lounge as well.

World's 10 Best Hotels



No. 6 Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens

La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica

Nayara hotel is situated amidst the still active Volcano Arenal.  You can have a clear view of the volcano. The resort is situated amidst the rainforests that houses vibrant creatures along with tropical flowers. If in case, you are looking for heightened fun and entertainment, there is no other place than this one. You will have 50 casitas which also includes outdoor Jacuzzis. You would love to have horseback ride, wildlife tour, river rafting. You want  to unwind with cocktails, along with swimming and getting massage in the process as well.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 7 Singita Kruger National Park

South Africa

Singita is spread amidst the 33,000 acre in Kruger national Park. Every care is taken to give guests one of the best time of their life. the staff provides water bottles, blankets etc. You will have the facility of gym, art gallery, spa, and boutique too.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 8 Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt

Buenos Aires

The spacious hotel gives the feeling that they are two. Constructed in 1934, it has 23 room mansion. It also has a 142 room Posadas building which is a sleek tower and it was opened in 2006. There is an underground gallery as well.  You will have the experience of rain showers, bathroom, along with soaking tubs.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 9 Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Arusha, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge has its own access road. Hence you do not have to face any sort of issues while going on road in terms of jam and all. It has magnificent 96 rooms. If you are a theatre lover here is the good news for you since you will have the theatre too where you can enjoy to the fullest. You would love to pass time in the glass enclosed balcony as well.

World's 10 Best Hotels


No. 10 Singita Sabi Sand

Kruger National Park Area, South Africa

You would never find exemplary service any where than here. It has been recently renovated and has 12 suites. Cub chairs, enormous poster mahogany beds, stone fireplaces. Each and every single villa is bereft with the most enchanting beauty from the outside.

World's 10 Best Hotels

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World's 10 Best Hotels
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