Taking a break.

This is something I should have done a long time ago but need to do now for me. My mental health hasn’t been good for a while and I’ve known that, but I foolishly “expected” thing to just improve with time, which they didn’t. I need to take just a small amount of time off to figure out how to help me, then I’ll be back soon after!

The break won’t be for long at all, a a little over 2 weeks at most! I just need to figure out how to be a little happier again and I think to do that I just need time to myself. I’m honestly excited to return already too, I think I’ll figure out some really fun videos and new series I can do and re-work my editing a small amount so it’s easier on me mentally.

Please also realise that if you guys aren’t feeling great, talk to someone or spend a little time to just figure out what will help you. There is always a solution and when you’re at your lowest points, the only way is up. ALWAYS remember that.

See you guys soon 🙂

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Taking a break.
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