Phobia List—am scared!!!!

Phobia means fear for something. Everybody in this world has a fear for something or the other. Many people develop these phobias from childhood and some have these fears by birth. Some fears are overcome with time while some fears emerge with time. The phobia list is endless. Below is some of the commonest phobia.Phobia List---am scared!!!!
Fear of Heights-Acrophobia
Not everybody like high rise buildings or sky scrapers. There are many people who are scared of heights. People who are acrophobic do not like to climb high or look down from height. There are several people who like to live with it than get it cured.
Fear of Flying-Aerophobia
People who have a fear of flying are called aero phobic. This phobia may arise due to several factors few of them may be due to confinement in a specific area, or fear of plan crashing. Or maybe even due to air pressure which causes dizziness, vomiting sensation.
Fear of Public Speaking-Glossophobia
Glossophobia is fear of public speaking. Many people feel very shy or nervous when asked to make a presentation in front of a group of people. This may be due to speech disorder, or lack of speaking skill.
Fear of the Dark- Achluophobia
This fear is quite common among children .It may tend to overcome with time. Fear of dark may arise because of possibility of any mishap due to less of light.
Fear of Spiders-Arachnophobia
Arachnophobia is the fear from spiders or other creepy crawlies. It may be due to their scary looks or their poisonous bites.
Fear of Snakes-Ophidiophobia
This is a very common phobia because of the fact that some snake bite can be fatal.
 Fear of Small Confined Spaces-claustrophobia
This phobia is again quite common in children. Some examples of this phobia is being locked up in a cupboard
Fear of Dogs-Cynophobia
Cynophobia is the fear of dog. This phobia also is quite common in the phobia list. Some dogs look so ferocious that anybody would be scared.
Fear of water-Hydrophobia
What worse than Hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is the scariest among the phobia list. Rabies is a disease which shows fear from water. A patient suffering from rabies has problems in swallowing and has problems of thirst.
Fear of Being Alone-Autophobia
Autophobia is phobia associated with being alone. Man is a social animal and it is true that being left alone can be very difficult.Phobia List---am scared!!!!
This phobia list comprises of the top 10 phobia. There are endless numbers of phobias to list down. World would have been such a wonderful place if there would not have been any phobia. But the lesson of life is to live and overcome these phobias because to live without fear has its own charm.Phobia List---am scared!!!!
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Phobia List---am scared!!!!
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