HOW I Fooled Penn & Teller!!! (SECRET EXPOSED!!!)

MAGICIANS ONLY! Magic Spoiler Alert! A full tutorial and explanation of the ruses and methodology I used to fool some of the best minds in magic! I decided to reveal the secret because we invented this Magic Trick SPECIFICALLY for this show! It has never been done before AND I will never repeat it again!

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Eric Leclerc is a globe trotting speaker and magician performing feel good magic for your brain. He currently hosts the popular hidden camera show TRiCKED on BYU TV and Disney channel, and is a regular guest on National Geographic’s top rated show BRAIN GAMES . His original magic and hilariously crazy attitude have made him a 2-time winner of the “Canadian Magic Championship”
Also, he just fooled Penn & Tell on their hit Vegas show called FOOL US on the CW.

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