Gangnam style-The key to the topmost watched viral video

If you are a music lover or love to grove to peppy number then you wouldn’t have forgotten the Gangnam style. Gangnam style truly was one of the most viral international hit which made people all over the world wear their dancing shoes.

Years have passed but the craze still prevails. Its not surprising to see people asking the DJ to play the Gangnam style. People still replicate the funny moves especially the ‘horse-galloping’ dance moves.

Gangnam style made it place in the Guinness Book of World Records as it was the most liked and watched video on YouTube. It indeed was the very first Korean music numbers which bagged the first place on UK charts as well as many other countries.

If you have some idea of the international geography then you must be knowing that Gangnam is a district in Seoul. And for those of you who did not have an idea about Gangnam, then definitely now must be aware of what Gangnam is. In fact after the record breaking success of the Gangnam style, Gangnam is now more recognised as a dance move than a district in Seoul.

Ironically Gangnam was not a very famous city and wasn’t associated with any specific character. It was not a wealthy district, neither it was famous for its revelry. In fact was basically a farming land, and farmers worked hard to grow their produce and sell it in the local market. Just a couple of decades after Gangnam are now a world famous city, thanks to the hit song. Picture of Gangnam has changed today, you would hardly find any farmers ploughing their land, in fact people dressed in best of their clothes, and busy socialising is a very norm scene there.

Not only the gentry have seen a change in Gangnam but also there has been a mass improvement in the infrastructure. Apart from the already present Bongeun Temple, one would be astonished to see chic building, state of the art facilities. Definitely the hit Gangnam style has not only proved to be the grooviest song internationally but has also grooved the entire city.



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Gangnam style-The key to the topmost watched viral video
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