EU referendum: David Cameron says ‘some progress’ as talks continue

EU referendum is indeed the talk of the town. Mr Cameron and his team have been discussing about the forth coming decision on EU. Just recently today at 5.30GMT Mr Cameron was discussing and negotiating with EU leaders.

This meeting is going to be substantial as her aims at taking some serious decision which may impact the final say for the June referendum. According to Mr Donald Trump, there has been some important talks and many things have been clarified however a lot has been still left.EU referendum: David Cameron says 'some progress' as talks continue

The lunch meeting would represent some significant discussion and would continue till the weekend. However Mr. Cameron plans to take this further till Friday morning and then return back to London in order to have a discussion with the cabinet .This discussion could finally decide whether UK would like to stay with the reformed EU.

There has been so contradictory statements from the Downing Street who reckon that it’s highly unlikely that there would be a cabinet meeting when the Prime minister is back in London.EU referendum: David Cameron says 'some progress' as talks continue

The first EU session which was held on Thursday did not produce any solid agreements; however the EU sources said that it was “intense and constructive” where mostly all the countries wanted UK to stay in the EU.

Prime ministers supports said that there were some very serious issues such as the migration problems and political integration which is very important. At the moment both the campaigns have pointed out that today was the day when the deal did not strike and may be tomorrow may prove to be a much important day.

There have been 5 important areas where an agreement have been reached

  • Will the EU binding treaties be altered if the changes be made
  • When it comes to migrant welfare then how many of the member states can trigger an emergency brake
  • In work benefits still prove to be an important point, hence how long can they impose restriction
  • What about child benefit curbs, will they be put up on the second thought
  • Will treaties be changed in respect of “ever closer “union?

EU referendum: David Cameron says 'some progress' as talks continue

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EU referendum: David Cameron says 'some progress' as talks continue
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