Brooklyn’s BOYFRIEND Reveal! | 10 Dates in 10 Days

Back in late July and early August, I took a trip out to Utah to film #10DatesIn10Days. All of the dates were amazing, with 10 phenomenal guys! We promised y’all that I would pick one of them to go on a second date with. (Well… its actually a little more than that!❤️ #boyfriend) Today I FINALLY get to reveal to y’all who he is!

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As mentioned during the series, we did our best to follow CDC guidelines in mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, etc, during each of the dates. We crammed in 2-3 dates per day (Hollywood magic), due to my limited schedule. In fact, before each of the dates… the boys had to either take a covid test or confirm that they had been social distancing for 10-14 days, as I did. In fact, we had to replace 2 of the boys who confirmed that they either had covid or were in close contact with someone who had it in the days leading up to our date. It turns out that the GUY I CHOSE ended up being ONE OF THE REPLACEMENTS!!!

When the original date canceled due to covid, Betsy Mikesell and Kaitlyn were SCRAMBLING to find a replacement with only days notice. Kaitlyn remembered a cute family she had taken family photos for 3 years ago, and that they had a son who seemed super nice and really handsome. He had since returned from a 2-year LDS mission to Madagascar, and finished his first year at BYU. When she reached out to him via DM about filling in on this date, he finally remembered who she was, listened to the dating series idea, and said YES!

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When we went on our date, we had SO MUCH FUN! I didn’t want it to end, and we made excuses (intentionally) to extend the date as long as we could despite the day’s hectic #dating schedule.

This boy was also the first person I texted when I heard from my mom about the Mikesell’s plane crash during one of my last dates. (Everyone survived because of miracles, but there were major injuries… He helped console me, gave me advice on how to manage the rest of the day, helped Betsy coordinate picking me up, and dropped everything to drive to the Mikesell’s and help out in any way he could. Those next several days, he would run any errand Betsy and Brock & Boston needed, praying over them, helping clean the house and taking care of the family dog. He had never met the Mikesell’s before. Needless to say, I was VERY impressed!

In the 6 weeks since, we’ve texted/FaceTimed every single day. My extended family was dying to know who I had chosen, as did my friends and hundreds of thousands of you! It was hard not share this all with y’all, because we knew we needed to film this video first! He would send me flowers, or often Postmates my favorite foods, etc, all the time. I wanted SO BAD to share this all with you, but knew I couldn’t!

We knew we wouldn’t see each other until the 16th of September, when he planned to fly out for a visit. Little did I know, but, Bailey and my mom had been planning to fly him out early as a SURPRISE for me! I LITERALLY HAD NO IDEA, because he wasn’t supposed to show up for three more days! So last Sunday he showed up in Dallas, and Bailey and my mom filmed my reaction.

Then we both sat down and filmed a segment to share a little about how we got to where were are! I am SO HAPPY!

What was your reaction when you found out who I chose? What was your favorite part of the video? Comment below!

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Brooklyn's BOYFRIEND Reveal! | 10 Dates in 10 Days
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