Van Buren Records, AzizTheShake – CULT feat. Jazz Cartier (Official Video)

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Video Team:
Director: Daymian Seasar mejia, Tay Thai
Cinematographer: Daymian Seasar Mejia
Creative consultant: Simon Morrison
Key Grip: Carl Stewart
Gaffer: Yahna Harris
Editor: Jimmy Del Ponte

Syeeda Washington
Kíera Anderson
Bethany Crooks
Emily Dixon
Savannah Doss
Taimia Cameron

I did sum I’m not proud of
I got traits I’m not Fond of I’m still me
This shit get real deep
Yes this is a cult
I gotta make sure feel me
Gotta ego that can’t kill me yea
I could make the floor lava when I need to yea
I could make a bitch fetch when I need to yea
I could make my wrist wet when I need to yea
All them niggas fake all them niggas see through yea

How how many bottles, fill that shit up to the brim
How how many models
Can we fit in Moses benz
Uh ohh
Add it up, whos that man in the mirror
Stack it up and make it stand, probably hit a chandelier
Let’s be honest for real fr
Doubted me so
How can i be modest for real
Like i went to Harvard for real
I can never stop cause i want some Raris for real
Gotta be part of my deal
I’m the Talk of my town
It scarred me
I’m cautious right now
Walk with me
Talk, but I’m uncounscious
right now
Ah shit, I’m poppin,
cant stop yet right now
Got a lot options right now

Luke Bar$:
Came up from the block
To the top,
Money man
My nigga sell rerock,
Stupid nigga caught,
Diddy bopper.
Talking to the cops
Got a target on his top
Why you do that?
Blicky? Better that shoot that?
Heard it got kick back
Type to make him get back
Get back get back
Nigga Get back
On the block like kick stand
Feel like Lupe.
Can I kick it?
They been trying to box me I’ve been breaking limit
All these niggas talking tryna kill a niggas spirit
All these niggas talking they got enough pay me
Get a crib in Haiti, cuz america they hate me
Ion vote for presidents unless that niggas deady
They the only niggas that can take care of my family
Aunty in the celly, call my phone like boy come get me
Feds been talking photos, all my niggas photogenic
They been Water whipping,
Whipping whipping,
Kylie Jenner

Bitch I came out the womb, locked in
She burnin sage in her room she say I be toxic
We just landed out in London
E gon get get us locked cause he like to move wit a chopstick
Draco on em turn a nigga noggin into pasta
Dior denim got me flossin
Me and my lil nigga way out in Gotham and we movin like we batman and robin
When she wit her squad shoutout to Jim
Jones nigga dat be da byrdgang
I’m getting groovy on em like a nigga auditioned for soul train, bitch I’m a stunna like birdman
Straight pain on a nigga that act like he fuckin wit we
We in the middle of the spot, she got hands right under my tee
U pausing I’m playing my life be a movie
If ya pockets be eternal ATAKE Em like uzi
Niggas steady be forgettin who run it, who gave deez niggas a roofie?
No I ain’t smokin no loosie, clappin u right in ya kufi, I’m in da hills wit a big booty judy,
She Gettin stupid, and dis shit all
Started wit a looseleaf

Jazz Cartier:
I just did something I’m not proud of
These shoes on me money
My pants they be Prada
Bitch I black like Wesley
Got my New Jack on
And my bitch a dyke
She roll with 2 strap ons
Open up the cut when I be in it
Dope dick run up for some head and then I finish
Too tapped
I can get your bitch with just a bird call
I can get your bitch to get this work off
Man Whose mans is this?
Now I’m on a mission
Gotta take this shit to NASA
Please don’t say you love me
I might treat you like my last one
Up it on em
He try to pull a fast one
Now I made it flip flip flip
This ain’t NASCAR
Man I’ve been a monster out the wound
That’s on my momma coochie
And I be skating on these hoes like
Kristi Yamaguchi
Cuzzi n VB me you don’t know naan Nigga
We fucking up yo plans Nigga
Don’t dap you with no hand Nigga

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Van Buren Records, AzizTheShake - CULT feat. Jazz Cartier (Official Video)
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