iamnotshane – Security


Take me back, let me go
Pulling in, keep me close
You can be mine, I can be yours
Same old dance
Got a side you don’t know
A heart I don’t show
You can have mine, I can have yours

I see you coming, I see you coming around
I want your loving, but I don’t wanna let you down
Don’t know why, you keep on coming around
If I mean nothing
Pull me to the other side

What’s it all for? I’ll be yours
I got no more closed doors
Open yours
One more kiss, we resist tonight

Security you don’t know
Buried deep beneath the fold
You guard yours, I guard mine
Same defense
Got locked up emotion
No will to move on
I’ll break yours, you break mine

Why you gotta be like that?
Pulling on my heart like that, won’t you cut me some slack?
Let go, Let go

Created by – Shane Niemi
Director – Shane Niemi and Brandon Forbes
DP/Cam Op – Adam Vigil
Editor – Shane Niemi and Jack Begert
Colorist – Jack Begert
Hair/Makeup – Beauty by Brittney Hunt

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iamnotshane - Security
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