Francesco Yates – Superbad (Short Film)

Superbad EP OUT NOW! Stream + Download:

This is the first step of me as who I have always wanted to be, the start of something that I felt has been coming for some time. Me as an artist is finally about to be reborn in the most refreshing way. For the past few years a lot has happened to bring me to this point, the journey of all the highs and lows. People doubted me, others supported me and I thank both of them, because both motivated me to keep going. This EP is the start of something bigger and I can’t tell you how excited I am for it, my dad always said those that say it can’t be done should make way for those that are doing it, like a phoenix I’m ready to rise!

Video by Dan LeMoyne and Tehseen C., featuring Francesco Yates & actress Sara Caamano. Special thanks to Wright Entertainment Group.

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Francesco Yates - Superbad (Short Film)
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