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How to write articles and content for Portals, E-magazines, and Newsletters

Writing for website is truly an art; it is just not about writing but writing in a way which catches the reader’s interest. It should be eye catching. While writing, the writer must keep in mind that it must keep up the interest of the reader. An “F” shaped pattern should be followed that is the reader normally reads in a horizontal movement of the eye and then gradually when the reader moves down the content the eye covers a shorter content and even shorter when moved further down. Since everybody is now days exposed to the web there exists all kind of literate people. When writing an article for a website it is advisable to use very simple and understandable language. There happens to be lots of teenagers who refer to the internet for their school assignments, music downloads, watching online movies, therefore it is important to keep your content interesting. Another thing which should be kept in mind is that while writing it is best to use active voice. Active voice always sounds better than passive voice. If you are writing for a website then taglines form a very important part of website writing. Taglines help to explain what the site is about. It briefly gives an idea about the website. Keywords are yet another thing which increases the view ability of a website. There is something known as search engine optimization. This refers to words which a reader wants to read. While writing text in points it is always better to number the points instead of bullets. Even if a number needs to be written it’s better to write it as numeral than in words. These are few of the things which need to be kept in mind in order to increase the number of readers.

Shuchi Bhatnagar
I am a full time software professional who loves to write blogs as well as content for social media websites. I try to squeeze in my writing program whenever time is available . Writing not only provides me with a platform where I can express what I feel with full integrity and dedication but also is a great medium to build on your inter personal skills. I believe every little piece of writing is important if it moves someone’s life in a positive way.


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